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Your vehicle deserves modern technology to properly test, diagnose and promptly obtain the results required to best service your vehicle. Your engine computer has sensors built into it to make the engine run as smooth and efficiently as possible. When the onboard computer senses an issue, it will trigger the check engine light to come on. This light notifies you of an issue; the problem could be from a simple vacuum line to something major, the longer it remains unattended the further damage it may cause.


Here at AMC we offer a variety of services to care and maintain your vehicle longer and safer on the road.
Let one of our certified technicians care for your vehicle, inspect, and prevent any problems that may seem noticeable, so there won't be any surprises the next morning. Our team applies these fundamentals to make sure that your car is in good standing condition and safe on the road.

These services are few of many that help prolong the life of your vehicle, 

  • Professional computer scanners, software, and resources of information.
  • Accurate diagnoses of vehicle problems
  • Less down time of vehicle

Monday - Friday 7:30AM - 5:00PM

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AMC Automotive
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Diagnostics takes a lot of knowledge in understanding a vehicle's computers and sensors. Being able to interpret what a computer is trying to warn you about is crucial. The good old days of guessing what could be wrong with your engine are gone. New technology is always evolving, and we use current tools and techniques to diagnose your vehicle.